Molecular Genetics of Cancer

Le D, Chen K, Husain S, Marathe A, Haq M


Cancer is an unchecked cellular proliferation. It develops from a single cell with gene mutations, causing tumor growth and propagation. The genetic changes persist in the progeny of the initial cancer stem cell. Recent research has uncovered some of the mechanisms involved in the development and progression of cancer. Understanding the mechanisms of genetic mutations and their actions allows scientists to interrupt these aberrant genetic pathways and treat these diseases. This review briefly discusses evolution of knowledge in the field, technologies involved, molecular changes caused by the aberrant cancer genes, and pathways of therapeutic interventions.

International Journal of Human and Health Sciences Vol. 02 No. 04 October’18. Page : 199-208


Cancer; Molecular Abnormalities; Genetics; Chromosomal Abnormalities; Carcinogenesis; Genetic Abnormalities; Therapeutic Interventions Molecular Genetics; Cancer Genome; Mutations; Oncogenes; Tumor Suppressor Genes

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