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International Journal of Human and Health Sciences (IJHHS) is the official journal of the Consortium of Islamic Medical Colleges (CIMCO) under the auspices of the Federation of Islamic Medical Associations (FIMA)

Brief History of FIMA

The Federation of Islamic Medical Associations (FIMA) is an international  federation  of  50 national  Islamic Medical Associations (IMAs)  and  Non Governmental Organisations (NGOs)  representing over 50,000 Muslim medical and health professionals worldwide. FIMA was formed on the 31st of December 1981 and was incorporated in the State of Indiana, USA, as a not-for-profit corporation on January 18, 1982. It was re-incorporated in the state of Illinois on March 30, 1999. FIMA enjoys tax-exempt status from the US Federal Income Tax by Internal Revenue Service.  The mission of FIMA is to provide a platform for Health Care Practitioners and students   world -wide in the areas of health related   practice, education, ethics, humanitarian and medical relief work.


The Consortium of Islamic Medical Colleges was formed to harness the potentials for academic activities and exchanges within FIMA’s academic community. It aspires to foster collaboration in the field of medical education, training, research and services among members. It promotes health related research to serve humanity in the light of Islamic teachings for universal benefits. The establishment of the IJHHS is a testimony of CIMCOs commitment towards those noble and holistic goals. Prior to the IJHHS, CIMCO had provided support towards the success of several scientific journals hosted by its affiliate members. Noteable among these is the Bangladesh Journal of Medical Sciences (BJMS) which had matured into a Scopus indexed journal with international standing and readership. The proven track record of BJMS over the last decade had prompted CIMCO to appoint Bangladesh to host the editorial and secretarial responsibilities for the IJHHS

Future plans for IJHHS

It is our hope that IJHHS will bridge the gap between the ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ sciences in health.  With a head start unique to CIMCO, we believe God willing; IJHHS will rapidly capture the attention of the global health community which will in turn propel it to be indexed in quick time.   We are optimistic that researchers from around the globe will be attracted by the holistic and integrative approach which forms the theme of this Journal. This is well in keeping with the ethos of the great scientists and philosophers of the Muslim world during the glorious Golden era of   discovery and innovation of the past.


IJHHS accepts manuscripts from the global scientific community with the understanding that the material to be placed on the website contains nothing that is libellous, illegal, or an infringement of anyone's copyright or other rights. IJHHS retains the right to refuse any content to posted on the website, and to remove anything that it considers to be either unsuitable or could lead to legal action. The views expressed on this website are those of the authors, and do not necessarily represent the views of IJHHS Editorial Board, CIMCO or FIMA.

Support for IJHHS

IJHHS is grateful to the Federation of Islamic Medical Associations for their support of this project.

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