The Effectiveness of A Teddy Bear Hospital in Reducing Anxiety Towards Healthcare Setting Among Primary School Students: A Quasi-Experimental Study

Fadzilah Mohamad, Aneesa Abdul Rashid, Dalila Roslan, Zaahirah Mohammad, Nor Sheereen Zulkefly


Objective: The Teddy Bear Hospital (TBH) is a worldwide concept of imaginative play therapy. TBH was initiated to address children’s fear andanxiety towards healthcare setting. Children will bring their teddy bears to see the “teddy doctor” and will act as the parents or guardians while observing the main aim of a clinic or hospital visit. This study aims to evaluate the effectiveness of the IMACATS’ TBH intervention module on reducing children’s anxiety towards healthcare professionals. Methods: A pretest-posttest pre-experimental study was conducted in from May to December 2022. Participants were among primary school students in Selangor. This study was approved by Ministry of Education and informed consents were obtained from parents prior to recruitment. 45 participants were recruited with the help of teachers. There were two assessment points, one month before (preintervention) and one week after TBH event (post intervention). The same questionnaire was used at those two points. Study instruments consisted of two sections (sociodemographic background and level of anxiety towards healthcare professionals using Visual Analogue Scale (VAS) with 6-point Likert scale. Data will be analyzed using SPSS version 26.To evaluate the effectiveness of TBH, mean scores will be compared between pre and post intervention. Results & Conclusion: 45 participants were recruited with the help of teachers but only 40 completed the questionnaire. Majority were female (60%) and from low socioeconomic status (45%). All participants were Malay. The mean scores for each item of level of anxiety towards healthcare personnel range from 1.73 to 4.0 for pre-intervention and 1.05 to 3.28 for post-intervention. The total mean score of anxiety level for pre- and post-intervention also reduced from 10.13±3.22 to 7.50±2.31 respectively. Hence, we can conclude that TBH is effective in reducing anxiety level of children towards healthcare setting. International Journal of Human and Health Sciences Supplementary Issue 01: 2024 Page: S51


health education, health promotion, anxiety, children, Teddy Bear Hospital

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