The Future of Relief Work

Jeffrey Abu Hassan, Hafeez ur Rahman, Ashraff Jeddar, Musa Mohd Nordin


In this forum, three distinguished speakers share their invaluable insights and experiences. Prof Hafeez ur Rahman, the President of AlKhidmat Pakistan, will enlighten us on the remarkable role of AlKhidmat Foundation as a premier relief organization in Pakistan, emphasizing its commitment to providing essential aid and healthcare services to those in need. Dr. Ashraff Jeddar, representing FIMA, will highlight his personal experiences and share the importance of connecting and coordinating relief efforts in the Muslim world, stressing the significance of global solidarity in times of crisis. Dato Dr. Musa Nordin, will provide a glimpse into the IMAM and IMARET experience, revealing the challenges and struggles faced when setting up relief initiatives, managing peculiar problems and requests, while also exploring the opportunities and potential trials on the horizon. Together, these speakers will delve into the complexities of humanitarian relief work, discussing both the current challenges and the promising future prospects in this critical field. Their collective expertise and dedication are pivotal in shaping the landscape of medical relief efforts worldwide.

International Journal of Human and Health Sciences Supplementary Issue 01: 2024 Page: S23


Relief work, Humanitarian aid, AlKhidmat Foundation, FIMA, IMAM, IMARET, Global solidarity, Crisis management.

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