Study on Anxiety Following Sports Injury Using the Sports Injury Anxiety Scale

Sangram Bhattacharjee, Anamika Nath, Amar Jyoti Patowary, Parul Gaba


Background: Anxiety is a common emotional response among athletes, often exacerbated by the occurrence of sports injuries.

Objective: To study anxiety among sports personnel following sports injuries and to explore the correlation of demographic and injuryrelated variables with Sports Injury Anxiety Scale (SIAS) scores.

Methods: This crosssectional study was conducted in the Northeastern region of India. Convenient sampling was employed to recruit sports personnel who sustained injuries during sports events or practice in this cross-sectional study. The SIAS questionnaire was utilized to quantify anxiety levels and demographic variables were correlated with anxiety scores.

Results: Out of 97 cases, participants aged 20-30 with 6-10 years of experience reported 75% experiencing physical injuries. The most common injuries were contusions (31%) and fractures/dislocations (28%). Hospitalization occurred in 10% of cases, and 37% took a career break averaging 0-2 weeks. Factors like age, sex, and experience did not significantly affect anxiety levels, but athletes with fractures, longer career breaks, and less experience showed higher anxiety. Overall, 85% of athletes experienced anxiety, with 15% having severe anxiety, 70% average anxiety, and 15% no or borderline anxiety.

Conclusion: The study’s findings will contribute to a better understanding of the psychological challenges faced by athletes during injury rehabilitation and their eventual return to sports in the Northeastern region of India

International Journal of Human and Health Sciences Vol. 08 No. 02 Apr’24 Page: 185-191


Sports injury, Anxiety, Psychological challenges, Athlete rehabilitation, Sports Injury Anxiety Scale

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