The Effect of “Seiza” Sitting Position During Dzikr After Moslem Prayer on Stomach Circumference Changes: A Case Report

Rakha Zidane Muhammad, Amiroh Kurniati, Trianggoro Budisulistyo, Nirmala Safitri


Introduction.The Japanese floor-sitting Seiza is reflected of femoral artery pinched, which improved of tissues oxygenation and circulation. It might play role on body metabolism, also the nerves system.

Methods: Study was conducted on a 20-year-old obese man performed routinely dzikr with Seiza sitting, so the time duration counted. Stomach circumference and body weight was monitoring twice weekly until 1 month.

Results: The stomach circumference measurements of 114 cm observed improvement, as at week 1 (1.75%), week 2 (0.88%), week 3 (63%), and week 4 (3.51%) underwent 316 to 334 seconds weekly of Seiza sittings. A 100,4 kg of body weight showed gradually improvement: 0.55%, 0.35%, 0.25%, and 1.89% in each weeks.

Discussion: The Seiza sitting might be relate to St36 Meridian points. It stimulated of parasympathetic system, digest and absorption, aliementary glands activated, also fat metabolism.

Conclusions: The Seiza sitting during dzikr after prayer might improve of body metabolism.

International Journal of Human and Health Sciences Vol. 07 No. 02 April’23 Page: 202-206


stomach, circumference, metabolism, Seiza, sitting, dzikr, Moslem prayer

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