Beyond Two Decades of Rumah Solehah: The Time for Extended Scope of Programs

Matron Fadzilah Bt Haji Abd Hamid, Fathiiah Bt Hamzah


Rumah Solehah has been handling residents in the halfway house since its inception in 1998 with various issues. Through education particularly on the mode of transmission, society has learned to accept People Living with HIV (PLHIV) to stay with them at home except for the very few. Thus, Rumah Solehah introduced other extended programs.  

1. Home-Based Program: The discharged infected ladies from Rumah Solehah are assisted to adjust themselves to their family’s environment. The families are guided in issues such as compliance to medication. The ladies will come to Rumah Solehah periodically for continuation of spiritual and vocational training. During those visits, they will receive cash for their fare and kinds. The families are often reassured and counselled. 2. Tele-Counselling: PLHIV and families often call Rumah Solehah for counselling. Issues discussed vary, the recent ones becoming more chronic, calling late at night. 3. Community Education: Every month public or private universities will send their students for HIV awareness program on topics such on HIV 101. Masters and Post Basic Ministry of Health (MOH) students will be given the chance to practise their HIV counselling to our infected cases. Rumah Solehah also accepts invitations for public talks in other states. 4. Studies and Research: Several studies have been performed by university students in collaboration with UM and IIUM on issues related to women and children infected with HIV.  The current research with IIUM is for the Ministry of Health to develop programs or assistance for orphans infected with HIV. 

The extended programmes are very timely and cost effective. To have residents for long  

period of time is expensive. Infected women and children have a better and happier life staying with their extended or adopted family with continuous follow up care, thus ensuring quality time for the cases of Rumah Solehah. 

International Journal of Human and Health Sciences Supplementary Issue: 2023 Page: S20


HIV, home-based, compliance, awareness, HIV-related-studies

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