The Potential Hypoglycemic Activities of Red Onion Extracts in Alloxan-Induced Hyperglycemic Mice

Armanto Makmun, Rachmat Faisal Syamsu, Aisyah Jumadil, - Rabia


Objective: The present study aimed to determine the potential effect of red onion extracts on ameliorating the blood glucose levels in alloxan-induced hyperglycemic mice.

Material and Methods:Hyperglicemia was induced by single intramuscular injection of 70 mg/kg body weight of alloxan monohydrate. 24 mice were randomly assigned to four groups of 6 each including alloxan control (group AC), and three alloxan groups treated with doses 25 mg/kg body weight (group AR25), 50 mg/kg body weight (group AR50), and 100 mg/ kg body weight (group AR100) of red onion extracts. The latter three groups were treated with red onion extract for two weeks. The blood glucose levels were measured using a glucometer.

Results and Discussion: The different doses of red onion extracts induced the different responses of blood glucose levels in hyperglycemia mice. The main finding of the present study revealed the significant capacity to ameliorate the blood glucose levels were shown in mice treated with 100 mg/kg body weight of red onion extracts (p<0.05).

Conclusion: The red onion extracts at 100 mg/kg body weight significantly ameliorated the blood glucose in alloxan-induced hyperglycemic mice.

International Journal of Human and Health Sciences Vol. 04 No. 02 April’20 Page : 98-101


Red onion extracts; hyperglycemia; blood glucose

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