The Prevalence of Diabetes Mellitus Among High School and University Teachers in Mogadishu, Somalia

Mohamed Elmi Ibrahim, Recep Erçin Sönmez, Ahmed Yusuf Guleid, Orhan Alimoğlu


Background: Primary objective of the present study is to describe the main risk factorsof diabetes mellitus (DM) and to determine its prevelance among high school and university teachers in Mogadishu, Somalia.

Materials and Methods: Current study is designated as a research survey in an attempt to collect data from members of a certain population in order to determine the actual status of diabetes mellitus (DM) in respect to multiple variables (risk factors, awareness, prevelance). The study populationhad beenselected fromhigh school and university teachers who reside and work in Mogadishu, Somalia.

Results:A total of 222 (M/F (135/87)) respondents were included in the study of whom mostly were university teachers (n=128 (57.7%)), and less were high school teachers (n=94 (42.3%)). Majority of the population had been consisted of those graduated with degree (n=100 (45%)), and less were the ones with diploma (n=51 (23%)), secondary certificate (n=40 (18%)), master degree (n=29 (13.1%)) and PhD (n=2 (0.9%)) in decreasing frequency. Most of respondents were less than 60 years of age (n=196 (89.2%)) that the majority were within 30-40 years interval (n=74 (33.3%)). Prevelance of diabetes mellitus (DM) was found as 36.5% (n=81). Though, only 15 (18.5%) patients had prior knowledge of which type of DM (1 or 2) they had.

Conclusion:Interactional educational programs should be conducted both in public environment as well as in schools to improve knowledge and awareness of the community about clinical outcomes of diabetes mellitus (DM) on common health. Establishment of new screening programs will aid in prevention of adverse effects related to diabetes mellitus (DM).

International Journal of Human and Health Sciences Vol. 04 No. 02 April’20 Page : 94-97


Diabetes Mellitus (DM); Awareness, Education; Prevention

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