Antioxidant and Anti-inflammatory Activities of Paronychia Argentea (Algerian Tea)

Maha Gasmi


In the intricate dance of health and imbalance, oxidative stress and inflammation emerge as central players, contributing to a spectrum of physiological disorders. This review delves into the therapeutic potential of Paronychia argentea (aka Algerian Tea), a perennial plant deeply rooted in traditional medicine, aiming to unravel its antioxidant and antiinflammatory attributes, along with exploring its polyphenolic and flavonoid constituents. Studies consistently affirm its efficacy in mitigating inflammation, combating free radicals, and providing nephroprotective and antimicrobial benefits. The multifaceted bioactive compounds within the plant position it as a promising candidate for pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, and personal care products.

International Journal of Human and Health Sciences Vol. 08 No. 01 Jan’24 Page: 9-14


Paronychia argentea, plant, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory activities, traditional medicine

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